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By consolidating the information about an investors overall portfolio into one account, Highlander can provide aggregated and real-time reporting, tailor-made exposures and risk mandates, investment strategy access worldwide, efficient capital costs and fewer credit risks, access to interactivity, fewer internal costs, less costly than internal managers, fund of funds and hedge funds, better execution, reduced transaction costs.


Highlander’s structure will bring back core business income to the bank by facilitating investment managers to expand their Asset under management (AUM) and therefore increase their demand for prime broker services, expanding facilities to execution volumes, co-providing investors with modern techniques and products.

Efficient credit lines and less cost of capital enables investors to use capital in a more efficient way.


Highlander’s platform will act as a shop window for all investment managers, not just the largest and best known or best in class. If a lesser known manager’s strategy provides useful portfolio attributions, they are likely to attract AUM from previously unobtainable and unknown sources.

It will enable access to institutional investors worldwide and potentially start a dialogue with investors who would be interested if the strategy could be reshaped in order to offer a more efficient exposure contribution.

This suggested reshaping could then be tested using Highlanders test environment. As Highlanders product is not for retail investors, the manager can offload regulatory requirements (therefore less costly).

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