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Highlander is an independent private company seeking and managing attractive investment exposures and investment solutions for our business partners, i.e. our private investors, within the unregulated as well as within the regulated parts of the financial markets globally.


After three decades of expansion, the global financial markets are going through a period of severe contraction. Contributory factors include rapid changes in technology, significant overcapacity, a complex and increasingly regulated environment, more competition, balance sheet restrictions, reduced profits and a low interest rate environment.

Traditional investment strategies as a result are struggling to deliver attractive returns. This tough new financial world however, has created attractive business opportunities for those who can adapt and react and are not encumbered by ‘old world’ infrastructures, thinking and management.

The founders of Hldr Uptwn have many decades of experience of this old world, and are therefore ideally placed to be able to look over the horizon, spot new opportunities and move quickly. We are a small, dynamic, independent private company perfectly placed to help our business partners, i.e. our private investors, to navigate this new financial landscape.


Highlander Uptown searches the global financial markets to seek out attractive investment exposures within the unregulated as well as within the regulated parts where we can successfully implement more sustainable and efficient processes to significantly improve the business.

Highlander’s board of directors, advisors and management team with many years of successful experience in this field, bringing with them an extensive network of contacts in the international financial markets, there is a higher than normal probability of Highlander Uptown successfully meeting its investments goals.

Our vision is to embrace this new financial world with new techniques, technology and thinking to provide our partners with successful investment outcomes and to deliver high risk-adjusted returns.