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The FinTech company Highlander Downtown North will present a unique product in 2017 that may revolutionize institutional asset management globally.

This controversial product opens up the possibility of scaling off several costly links between banks, managers and individual savers. The timing of the product is well found, as the product offers the ability for asset managers to fully meet governments increasingly increased regulatory requirements.

Highlander Downtown North is a Swedish FinTech company based in Stockholm. The company was founded in 2015 by Anders Bergh, a specialist in management, financial processes and financial mathematics. Before the company started, Anders was the head of all active management at Swedbank Robur, Scandinavia’s largest fund company.

New regulations are introduced continuously by the various financial regulators around the world. With his profound knowledge, Anders saw how technology revolutionized the asset management industry and that a significant need was opened in the market to develop technical solutions with better opportunities for asset managers to follow them.

Highlander has created specific technical solutions to handle the regulatory burden in a process- and cost-effective manner that benefits both the trustee and the trustee that the trustee represents.

The global potential of this technology is extremely large and may eventually be a “must” tool that regulatory authorities insist that managers use to ensure compliance and confidence.

The flexible and customizable system solution is designed to meet future regulatory changes as well as the ability to meet specific needs of managers. All platform features are designed to easily integrate with existing administrators’ systems.

The technical platform has four key components designed specifically to address today’s difficulties with compliance, reporting, risk management, best execution and capital adequacy requirements.

1. An account structure for the trustee who continuously collects relevant data from all business relationships (banks, brokers, external managers, Prime Broker, custodians, etc.) and collects it in one single place so that a detailed overall picture of positions, risks, returns, valuation etc. can be provided in real time. This makes reporting, data retention and continuous updated key ratios much more efficient and easier with immediate transparency. The centralized reporting technology (HUB) and detailed reports allow the administrator to handle capital adequacy requirements and thus be able to use the capital much more effectively. Credit risk is also reduced.

2. Pre check compliance: Automatic checking that all internal and external rules are followed and all new transactions are automatically regulated before market request and execution not only by internal portfolio managers, but also by all externally appointed portfolio managers.

3. An order and execution platform (OMS / EMS) for most financial instruments that allow only regulated business and regular procurement procedures and related detailed procurement reporting.

4. A highly realistic virtual management function that allows the asset manager to test new strategies, conduct correlation analyses, perform portfolio optimization, stress testing, and review new potential managers, etc. before going live.

Tekniken kommer att finnas tillgänglig till en avgiftsstruktur som är attraktiv för både förvaltaren och det spararkollektiv förvaltaren representerar.  Eftersom Highlander-plattformen är inblandad i alla transaktioner som både rådgivare och i det faktiska genomförandet dras kostnaden som en mycket låg (så låg som 0,01 %) fast förvaltningsavgift baserat på det förvaltade kapitalets storlek.

Det finns cirka 5 500 kapitalförvaltare bara i Europa och Skandinavien som tillsammans har över 200 000 Mdr i förvaltade tillgångar. Om Highlander kan få en marknadsandel på bara 1 % beräknas prognostiseras årliga intäkter till 290 Mkr med en bruttomarginal på minst 80 %.

This press release is designed to provide a brief overview of the company, product and prospects. More detailed information is available in contact with Anders Bergh.