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The founders, from a number of different European countries, have all had long and successful careers in global finance.




Employment, asset management with absolute return responsibility28 yearsHighlander Uptown and Highlander Downtown, Stockholm (Jan. 2015 - )
Swedbank Robur, Stockholm (7 years)
Stora Finance, Brussels (8 years)
SEB, Stockholm (5 years)
Ericsson, Stockholm (2 years)
Sequoia Asset Management, Geneva (2 years)
ABB Financial Services, Stockholm (1 years)
Meritos Asset Management, London (1 year)
Tanglin Asset Management, Stockholm (1 year)
Trading Times Kapitalinvest, Stockholm (1 year)
Head of asset management with staff responsibility6 yearsAt most 50 senior managers within traditional asset management (EQ, FI&, FX) and Hedge Funds, SEK 650bn.
Fund management10 yearsRelative and absolute asset management, Hedge Funds
Proprietary trading15 yearsFixed income, FX, Equities
Market Maker5 yearsFixed income&, OTC derivate
Business development11 yearsDevelopment and implementing of business plans, business strategies and action plans, product development, project managing, staff development, product line process optimization.
Deep product knowledge23 yearsFixed income, FX, Equities, Funds, Structured products, Derivate, Discretionary contracts, Treasury management
Broad product knowledge8 yearsCollateral Management, Prime Brokerage, Security lending, Fund administration, Custody, Clearing, Compliance, Asset management advisory, Financial regulatory, Financial system support.
Communication9 yearsCustomer and media communication
Organisation efficiency4 yearsPhasing out and competence exchange (optimization) of asset managers
Entrepreneur4 yearsProduct development (software), within asset management and asset management advisory. Consult within the financial sector.
Entrepreneur4 yearsProduct development (software), within asset management and asset management advisory. Consult within the financial sector.
Competence edge23 yearsSustainable investment processes. Risk adjusted absolute return. Global Macro. Coaching. Financial engineering. Technical Analysis. Market behaviour. Algorithmic investment process.
Strong characteristicsConstantly seeking possibilities to activate a maximum controlled risk level. Never ever gives up. Energy and inspiration source for co-workers. Systematic. Strong in processes. Disciplined. Innovative. Analytic. Pedagogic. Communicative. Much energy. Unstressed. high work load. Genuine interest of deep and broad knowledge.



Employment, banking and asset management with absolute return responsibility and risk management25 yearsHighlander Uptown and Highlander Downtown, Stockholm (Jun. 2015 - )
Calyon, Paris (3 years)
Natixis, Paris (2 years)
Fortisbank , Brussels (7 years)
BofA ML, Paris & London (4 years)
BrevanHoward Asset Management, London (1 year)
Nordea , Stockholm (3 years)
Swedbank and Swedbank Robur, Stockholm (3 years)
AJAMAB Finans, Stockholm (Feb.2014 - )
Laven Partners, London (2 years)
Management with staff responsibility3 yearsTeam of 3 people with clients (FI, FX) OTC derivatives structuration and pricing requirements. Team of 3 for risk management solutions services.
Fund management5 yearsAbsolute asset management, Hedge Funds, portfolio structuration and risk management, private equity.
Proprietary trading15 yearsFixed income, FX, Equities, Commodities, Volatility
Market Maker11 yearsFixed income, FX OTC derivatives including with options.
Business development5 yearsDevelopment and implementation of new structured products for treasury management, in asset management for Alternative Funds and Private Equity Risk and Investment Analysis solutions and action plans, project managing, staff development in risk and structuration.
Deep product knowledge25 yearsFixed income, FX, Equities, Commodities, Funds, Structured products, Derivatives, Risk management, Asset and Liabilities Management, Private Equity.
Broad product knowledge6 yearsCompliance, Asset management advisory, Financial regulatory (Solvency II, AIFMD), Asset and Risk Management software.
Communication7 yearsCommunication with clients and presentation of research and products.
Competence edge20 yearsSustainable investment processes, Risk adjusted absolute return, Global Macro, Financial engineering, Technical Analysis, Volatility, Risk management, portfolio management, company value assessment.
Strong characteristicsOrganized, Analytic, Systematic, disciplined, , Communicative, high work load, perfectionist, entrepreneurial.



Hedge fund trading and futures sales and marketing.
30 yearsInvestment banks and hedge funds in London and NY
Management with staff responsibility5 yearsManaged futures sales desks in London and New York
Fund management14 yearsDiscretionary and systematic absolute return strategies, Hedge Funds
Futures sales and marketing12 yearsFixed income, short term interest rates, FX and equities
Business development19 yearsDevelopment and implementing of business plans, marketing to clients and prospects around the world, new strategies and special projects, client on-boarding, writing research.
Deep product knowledge30 yearsOTC FX and interest rate futures
Broad product knowledge30 yearsHedge fund development, prime brokerage and futures clearing, operations, compliance, regulation, marketing
Communication9 yearsClient facing communication, writing research and marketing literature, speaking at conferences, round tables etc.
Competence edge30 yearsLong term experience across different market environments, trading styles, market analysis and risk management
Strong characteristicsMeticulous preparation, strong self discipline and motivation, perform well under pressure, cynical approach until proven otherwise, team player, proactive rather than reactive.

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